Periplum was founded in 2008 by writer, editor and book nerd Amanda Crawford.

We do copywriting and editing, and run book clubs and literary events.

We think what you read and write changes everything.

What does ‘Periplum’ mean?

‘Periplum’ comes from the poetry of Ezra Pound, the Pisan Cantos in particular. A periplum is a map of a piece of land drawn from a sailor’s point of view out at sea. While many maps are drawn from above (a birds-eye view) a periplum presents the land as it would look from the deck of a ship.

Pound uses the figure of the periplum to suggest that history can be viewed from the poet’s point of view, not just the historian’s or philosopher’s ‘elevated’ perspective. Just as the poet navigates and records history from his or her point of view, our travellers explore literature from where they stand.

What drives us

We are driven by a strong desire to share the great literature of Australia and the world with other readers and bring fellow book-lovers together to read, travel and connect.


Periplum Literary Adventures was founded by Amanda Crawford in 2008.

After many years at university studying English and Philosophy, filling her evenings and weekends with book launches and festivals, and making the occasional trip overseas to sit in the British Library, she decided to bring her book- and travel-related passions together in Periplum Literary Adventures. Amanda loves nothing better than to sit down with a bunch of fellow book enthusiasts with a cup of coffee (or glass of sparkling) and discuss all things book related.

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